Реагенты                                 Partec Foow Cytometry

Reagent Description Cont. Код
CyStain® DNA 1 шаг
Первый шаг DAPI анализа ДНК. Готов к использованию для всех видов клеток
200 тестов
CyStain® DNA 2 шаг
High resolution kit for DNA analysis of cells. The kit consists of disaggregation and DAPI staining Продуктs
200 тестов
CyStain® DNA Protein 2
One step staining kit for biparametric analysis: DAPI DNA staining correlated to total protein with Sulphorodamine 101 staining. Suggested for fixed cells
200 тестов
CyStain® UV Ploidy
Cellular DNA Stain for routine analysis of all eucaryotic organisms. One step DAPI staining solution
250 тестов
CyStain® UV Precise P
High resolution DNA analysis optimal for the majority of plant species. Two step disaggregation and DAPI staining kit
250 тестов
CyStain® UV Precise T
High resolution DNA analysis of nuclei optimal for some plant species and microorganisms. Two step disaggregation and DAPI staining kit
250 тестов
CyStain® PI Absolute P
High resolution genome size analysis for plants. Two step disaggregation and propidium iodide staining kit. Includes RNase
250 тестов
DNA Control UV
Fixed красный blood cells from trout, DNA stained for the use with UV excitation
10 мл
DNA Control PI
Fixed красный blood cells from trout, DNA stained with propidium iodide, for the use with зеленый or blue excitation
10 мл
Calibration Beads 1 мкл
1 мкм monodisperse зеленый fluorescent microparticles for daily monitoring, especially suited for microbiological instrument settings
1 мл
Calibration Beads 3 мкл
3 мкм monodisperse зеленый, orange, and красный fluorescent microparticles for daily monitoring
1 мл
CountCheck Beads
Ready to use microparticles with three different concentrations of 20000, 100000, and 300000 CountCheck beads per мл. Approved concentrations with each lot
50 тестов
Calibration Beads UV
2.5 мкм beads suited for UV excitation by laser and mercury arc lamp
3 мл
No wash erythrocyte lysing reagent kit
250 тестов

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