Оборудование                                 Partec Foow Cytometry

 Система анализа частиц PAS 

PAS (Particle Analysing System)

Multiparameter Laser and Arc Lamp Flow Cytometer for all Applications in Immunology, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Pathology, Hematology, Lymphocyte Subset and Cell Analysis

bulletArgon ion laser 488 nm and HBO lamp for UV excitation (FITC, PI, DAPI, SR, TR, PE-CY5, AMCA, APC, and many more)
bulletOther lasers optional
bulletSensitivity:<100 FITC molecules 
bulletTrue volumetric absolute counting (e.g. CD 34+ , CD4/CD8 and other immunolabelled cells without need for reference particles)
bullet1 to 8 parameters: FSC, SSC, FL1 to FL6 
bullet16 bit ADC for each parameter 
bulletVideo flow monitor
bullet32 bit Windows® operation system 
bullet32 bit Windows® FloMax software
bulletEthernet connection
bulletBuilt-in active LCD screen
bulletOptional external monitor
bulletComplete software package for lymphocyte subset, cell cycle, apoptosis, ploidy, microbiology, bacteria and yeast analysis 
bulletProcessor > 1.7 GHz
bulletInterchangeable filter combinations 
bulletRealtime acquisition
bulletAutomated immunology sample preparation and analysis
bulletBarКод reader
bullet650 MB CD-Writer for data backup 
Partec PAS

Specifications: 1. Systems

Size Cytometer incl. computer & HBO lamp: 75 cm L x 61 cm W x 47 cm H
Laser Power Supply: 35 cm L x 34 cm W x 15 cm H
Sheath fluid / waste bottle rack: 33 cm L x 13 cm W x 34 cm H
Keyboard: 47 cm L x 20 cm W x 4 cm H
Applications Immunophenotyping, DNA analysis (Cell cycle, ploidy, apoptosis), Microbiology (bacteria and yeast analysis) 1 to 6 colour analysis. True volumetric absolute counts = counting per volume.
True Absolute Counting Based on precise counting and fluid volume measurement.
No need for reference sample or beads.
Instrument Check Partec DNA Control UV QC particles
Partec CountCheck QC beads
Sample Preparation Accessory Sample Automate for 36 sample tubes:
Lyse no wash method, standard lyse / wash method
Preparation with up to 16 different reagents
Set-up Time Max. 5 minutes
No. of Parameters Up to 8 optical parameters (FSC, SSC, FL1-FL6), time parameter for kinetic measurements, pulse height, pulse area, pulse width for each parameter
Particle Size Range 0.2 мкл - 200 мкл
Maximum acquisition speed 30,000 events/sec
Acquisition Stop Time Time-, event- or volume-based
Trigger On all parameters or on specific trigger parameters, selectable in software
Data Resolution 65,536 channels (16 bit)
Service 1-3 years service contracts
Warranty 12 months on all parts except filters, mirrors, other quartz or glass parts, disposables and cuvettes


Partec PAS

Specifications: 2. Optics

Laser / Output 0-25 mW, 488 nm, air cooled argon-ion laser
красный Diode Laser 25mW at 635 nm, temeprature controlled
зеленый Diode Laser NdYAG 50mW at 532nm (optional)
Blue Diode Laser 490 nm (optional)
100W HBO lamp (UV-excitation)
Dual Light Source System Argon ion laser and HBO lamp / 25mW 635nm laser diode
Allows to use the dyes, excitable with 488 nm and UV light
Argon ion laser and красный laser diode
Detectors 1 to 8 (FSC, SSC, FL1, FL2, FL3, FL4, FL5, FL6)
Filters Changeable set of preassembled filter combination blocks or single optical elements
Optical Coupling UV transmitting quartz optics / high sensitivity laser objective
High numerical aperture air objectives
Optional: High numerical aperture immersion coupling, for e.g. detection of weak cytokines
Spatial Beam Separation Laser / lamp by insertion of diaphragms, adjustable according to experimental needs
Excitation Optics Elliptical 10 мкл x 100 мкл at 488 nm
Other beam geometries upon request
HBO lamp: Köhler illumination


Partec PAS

Specifications: 3. Computer System

Computer System Processor > 1.7 GHz
>256 MB RAM
Standard Data Storage >20.5 GB Hard disk, 3.5 in. floppy disk drive, 650 MB rewritable CD (CD-RW)
Optional Storage 100 MB Iomega ZIP
other drives can be connected upon request
Printer DeskJet, colour printer
Laser Jet 6 (b&w laser printer) optional
other printers upon request
support for all other printers by Windows
printing via network
Data Entry Full keyboard / barКод reader / Мышиные


Partec PAS

Specifications: 4. Fluidics

Sample Delivery Computer controlled precision syringe pump for sample,
built-in air pressure for sheath fluid
Sampling Volume Continuous up to 1500 µl
200 µl for precision absolute counting
Syringe count method for free sampling volume
Other counting volumes upon request
Flow Rates (Sample Uptake) 1) Sample volume speed adjustable continuously between 0 and 1200 µl / min
2) Sheath fluid pressure continuously adjustable
Fluidics Volume 2 x 5-litre reservoirs for sheath fluid and waste
Fluid Level Indicators For full waste, low sheath fluid
BioSafety System Avoids sample droplets and sample cross contamination (computer controlled)


Partec PAS

Specifications: 5. Software

Software 32 bit Windows™ FloMax® software for routine and research applications, with integrated
Realtime acquisition software,
Time parameter for kinetic studies,
Multiparameter N-colour compensation, (online and offline)
Multiparameter gating,
MultiColor gating,
Peak and cluster analysis and statistics,
Ratio measurements
Parameter arithmetics
DNA-cell cycle analysis,
DNA peak analysis,
Sample automat control
Report module: automated multi-tube report generation as MS Word document,
Copy & paste to desktop publishing software
Optional Software Other software upon request
Lymphocyte Gating Light-scatter gating or fluorescence gating
Gates are set once and saved on harddisk
Acquisition Gating Lower-/upper-level hardware thresholds for event triggering parameters, adjusted by software
Real-time software gating:
Regions, quadrants, 1P-ranges
32 regions can be combined to 32 gates in free logical combinations
Regions can be defined for 1 or 2 parameter histograms
Gating / Crosstalk Compensation On- or offline gating and crosstalk compensation provide adjustments without need to rerun samples
Different gating and compensation adjustments can be stoкрасный and reload
Protocols Individual instrument setups and acquisition displays can be saved in setup-files
The plot display, axis labels, statistics and cell concentrations are saved in documents together with the acquisition data
Panels Multi-tube analysis can be pкрасныйefined in panels
Automated panel acquisition
Report Generation Report module for Microsoft Word, directly called by the FloMax software. Single- or Multi-Page Report templates include institute logo(s), addresses, graphs and statistical results. Templates can be individually designed in a desktop publishing manner.
Individual calculations can be defined in spreadsheet Формаulas.
Copy & Paste / export to desk-top publishing software.
Multi-page - Multitube reports
Document Plots 1 - 8 fixed plots per page
Multi-page reports in Microsoft Word with different sizes and any number of plots can be individually arranged by the user
Data Parameters Stoкрасный All parameters stoкрасный in FCS 2.0 standard listmode Формаat.
Printer Support All printers supported by Windows
Printing queue
Network printing
Print to file
Files Can be accessed through the network
Windows search engine allows search of files and folders throughout the network

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